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Want a Good Night's Sleep? Then Never Do These Things Before Bed

These common mistakes disrupt your brain waves and cause you to toss and turn, preventing you from falling asleep quickly. What's more, you may wake up and be unable to fall back asleep. If you...

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Are You Sleep Deprived? A Simple Test

18 May 2017 | 55,201 Views

The sleep onset latency test serves to reveal - in 15 minutes or less - whether you're severely sleep deprived, slightly sleep deprived or well rested. The test involves a spoon, a metal tray and a darkened bedroom and is a remarkably easy way to figure out if you need more sleep.

Can Valerian Root Help You Sleep Better?

04 May 2017 | 176,580 Views

It's one of the most popular remedies for insomnia, and studies have found it helps improve the speed at which you fall asleep, and overall quality of sleep. Start with 400 to 900mg, 30 minutes to two hours before bed - but watch out for this.

Being a Night Owl Is Linked to Depression

27 Apr 2017 | 28,901 Views

If you tend to go to bed late and wake up late, also known as having an evening chronotype or being a night owl, you could be at increased risk for depression. While going to bed earlier is ideal, there's a simple strategy that may help to protect your health if you're awake after the sun goes down.

Sleep Deprivation Costs Billions and Makes People Rude

20 Apr 2017 | 24,674 Views

Even one night of poor sleep is enough to change employees' behavior and attitudes at work the next day, leading to increases in 'unwanted behaviors' like rudeness, taking long (unapproved) lunches and theft. Such misbehaviors cost the US $200 billion a year while posing steep individual risks as well.

One-Third of Your Pillow Weight May Be Dust Mites and Bug Droppings

12 Apr 2017 | 48,055 Views

Quality sleep is important to your overall health. However, breathing in toxic fumes, increasing your risk of allergic reactions and waking with a stiff neck or back is not part of a good night of sleep. I’ll give you strategies to avoid all three.

Sleep Apnea in Children Linked to Detrimental Brain Changes

06 Apr 2017 | 175,377 Views

And it's even worse for men, affecting about half - kids who have it perform worse academically, it can trigger nerve cells in your brain to die, slash the amount of oxygen in your blood and mess with melatonin production. But this therapy can cut the severity in half.

A Shower at Night Might Help You Sleep Better

30 Mar 2017 | 32,207 Views

A warm shower in the evening may help you get to sleep faster and enjoy a more restful night of sleep. However, it's important to time the shower correctly so it becomes a part of a relaxing and destressing routine and doesn't, instead, interrupt your sleep.

Can Pink Noise Help You Sleep?

23 Mar 2017 | 46,737 Views

Soothing pink noise, which sounds similar to rushing water, has a notable influence on sleep quality and may also improve your brain health. Adding this type of beneficial noise to your bedroom is just one way to enhance your sleep hygiene and, in doing so, your overall health.

Can Prebiotic Foods Improve Your Sleep?

16 Mar 2017 | 55,870 Views

The bacteria in your gut do more than help your body digest and metabolize food. Beneficial bacteria reduce your potential for disease, while unfriendly bacteria increase your risk of leaky gut. Prebiotics are now linked to another bodily function that may improve your ability to think clearly.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

16 Feb 2017 | 192,330 Views

Believe it or not, it will actually prevent you from thinking about anything else, making it easy to nod off. Plus: what to do in the evening to empty your mind so you're not lying in bed tossing, turning and worrying.


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