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Daylight Savings Time May Cost You Extra—Both in Terms of Money and Health

04 Mar 2015 | 257,817 Views

Russia cancelled it due to the stress and illness it causes, yet it's striking the US again - and it may increase your risk of a heart attack, getting sick, having a car accident, and even slash your productivity at work. Here's how to prepare yourself...

How Much Sleep Is "Enough"?

19 Feb 2015 | 192,035 Views

Ignore these newly updated guidelines based on over 300 studies at your own risk. Follow the recommendations and not only help protect your health now, you'll be making a valuable investment for your mental function later.

The Year in Sleep

22 Jan 2015 | 66,551 Views

Hard data from fitness-tracking wristbands reveal what really goes on when people around the globe go to sleep.

Documentary Film Explores the Enormous Price We Pay for Ignoring the Need for Sleep

17 Jan 2015 | 264,329 Views

One important reason why so many people get so little sleep, or sleep poorly, can be traced back to this. Here's how to fix it so you can get the sleep you need for your mental and physical well-being. Plus: five things that can happen to your body when you get too little sleep.

Some Things You Can Do in Your Sleep, Literally

11 Dec 2014 | 83,455 Views

While you're sleeping, you have no ability to interact with your environment and you lose your sensory awareness... but your brain is still very much 'awake.'

Lack of Sleep May Lead to Brain Shrinkage

18 Sep 2014 | 300,757 Views

If you fail to do this at night, you may sabotage a system that kicks in to clear out toxic waste and harmful proteins from your brain. But that's not all. Not only will your neurons begin to deteriorate, you'll also increase your risk for obesity and hormone changes.

America's Most Sleep-Deprived Cities

04 Sep 2014 | 44,034 Views

How much sleep do Americans get in the 21 largest US cities... and what does it mean for their long-term health? Statistics from a leading fitness-tracking wristband device gives the raw data.

Should You Throw Away Your Pillows?

28 Aug 2014 | 81,359 Views

How long should you keep your pillow before getting a new one? And what are the risks if you keep yours for too long?

Study: Interrupted Sleep May Be as Harmful as No Sleep at All

24 Jul 2014 | 156,138 Views

Regularly waking at night appears to be just as damaging as sleeping for only four hours... and the damage happens after just one night of interrupted sleep.

Could Strenuous Exercise at Night Mean Better Sleep?

17 Jul 2014 | 49,430 Views

Surprising new research is challenging the long-held notion that you should stop exercising at least three hours before you’re planning to go to bed.


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