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Want a Good Night's Sleep? Then Never Do These Things Before Bed

These common mistakes disrupt your brain waves and cause you to toss and turn, preventing you from falling asleep quickly. What's more, you may wake up and be unable to fall back asleep. If you...

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Poor Sleep Can Lead to Overeating the Next Day

17 Nov 2016 | 20,263 Views

More research confirms that skimping on sleep makes you eat more than you normally would the next day. Sleep deprivation may mess with hormones involved in appetite regulation while at the same time increasing your desire to seek out food as a reward.

Your Brain Needs Sleep - How to Counteract the Ill Effects of Working the Night Shift

10 Nov 2016 | 194,769 Views

Imagine your brain as a series of clogged pipes, filled with toxic waste. When you do this, it flushes it out, slashing your risk of Alzheimer's. But when you neglect it, it can cause your brain to drown in its own biological debris.

Natural Secrets to Help You Get a Sound Night’s Sleep

03 Nov 2016 | 52,324 Views

One in 3 US adults struggle with insomnia, putting their health and sanity at risk. From herbal supplements to melatonin and tweaking your bright light exposure, learn the natural secrets that can make regular, high-quality sleep a reality in your life.

GABA for Sleep

29 Sep 2016 | 62,702 Views

The neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) inhibits your central nervous system for a calming effect. People with insomnia may have up to 30 percent lower GABA levels than people who sleep well. Certain foods and lifestyle habits may help you increase your levels naturally.

Best Herbs to Help With Insomnia

15 Sep 2016 | 83,227 Views

Nearly 60 million Americans struggle to sleep each night. At least 15 percent of these people are turning to sleep aids to get through the night, some with disastrous effects. Fortunately, healthier options include several herbs and nearly 30 tips that may help improve your sleep quality.

What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Brain

08 Sep 2016 | 65,658 Views

Sleep deprivation leaves you with more than a groggy brain. When you don't get eight hours of sleep, you increase your potential risk for many health conditions. Using these strategies, you may be able to start sleeping well tonight.

Are There Benefits to Blue-Blocking Glasses?

11 Aug 2016 | 70,946 Views

Glasses with amber-colored lenses that block blue light were first developed for the NASA space program. Increasing research suggests, however, that virtually everyone may benefit from blocking his or her exposure to blue light, particularly at night.

Can Melatonin and 5-HTP Improve Your Sleep?

14 Jul 2016 | 58,031 Views

Natural sleep aids like melatonin and 5-HTP are widely available, but do they work to promote a restful night’s sleep? Plus, how can you improve your body’s own melatonin production for better sleep?

Can a Full Moon Disrupt Your Sleep?

02 Jul 2016 | 68,215 Views

Sleep is an integral part of your overall health and productivity. Turns out, your body may know when there's a full moon, even when you can't see the sky. Here's how you may be able to reduce its impact on your sleep quality.

How Melatonin May Benefit Depression, Autoimmune Disorders, and Cancer

16 Jun 2016 | 299,420 Views

All it takes is a wee little secretion of this life-protecting hormone to help guard against cancer, MS, and depression. And give you more energy during the day. The question is: Are you making any of these mistakes that can wipe out all its benefits?


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