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The Hidden Health Dangers of Sleep Apnea

05 Nov 2015 | 288,112 Views

Scientists have discovered a strong link that can affect 50% of men and 25% of women. But, one gender is at far greater risk. Significantly, it's also linked to tumor growth, gout, and memory loss. How to resolve this problem...

The Many Reasons Why You Need Sleep

15 Oct 2015 | 200,979 Views

It's the key to great brain function, high-level performance, and the ability to make sense out of life. What's more, it helps you sidestep at least 5 serious diseases. For example, tumors grew 2 to 3 times faster in animals that failed to do this. Low cost, terrific benefits...

Lack of Sleep Can Quadruple Your Risk of Catching a Cold

17 Sep 2015 | 208,969 Views

Most people consider it an interruption to more important activities, but a slight paradigm shift could save your health from the ravages of not only the common cold, but also serious health bombs like stroke, heart attack, pain, and early death. Try it today.

Could Side Sleeping Decrease Your Risk for Alzheimer's?

20 Aug 2015 | 98,750 Views

Increasing research shows proper sleep is essential for your brain health, but sleeping on your side may offer a distinct advantage over back or stomach sleeping - especially regarding your risk of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

The Top 5 Natural Sleep Aid Tips

13 Aug 2015 | 81,846 Views

Do you have trouble sleeping? You don't need to resort to prescription sleeping pills; these natural sleep aids will have you slumbering peacefully in no time, without any side effects.

Are Sleep Problems Making Your Health Problems Worse?

06 Aug 2015 | 240,940 Views

And if you fall into this category, it could double your risk of a heart attack. What's more, it's also linked to pain, cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's. Please don't skimp on this...

How Much Less Sleep Are You Getting Than Everyone Else?

16 Jul 2015 | 52,990 Views

Wearable fitness trackers reveal how much sleep the average American really gets. Are you getting less or more sleep than you should, and how does your sleep compare to sleep trends in your state?

Go to Sleep: It May Help Prevent Alzheimer's

18 Jun 2015 | 32,061 Views

One of the best habits you can get into for your brain health is getting enough restful sleep each night. Accumulating research suggests ignoring this crucial need could predispose you to developing brain disorders, including Alzheimer's disease.

Being Short on Sleep Is A Disaster Waiting to Happen

28 May 2015 | 44,818 Views

It's not a good idea to make important decisions when you're short on sleep. Sleep deprivation is particularly problematic for decision-making involving uncertainty and unexpected change, which is why it's been a factor in multiple major catastrophic events.

Key Strategies for Optimizing Your Sleep

21 May 2015 | 241,838 Views

In pain or know someone who is? Don't ignore this powerful pain trigger that millions fall for... the #1 predictor for pain in adults over 50. It's also linked to cancer, cravings, Alzheimer's, early aging, heart disease, and death from all causes.


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